Saturday, December 6, 2014

Winter Moons

Carpe Diem # 619 Oak Moon

If you have ever consulted the Farmer’s Almanac, you would find many names for the full moon.  Many of the names come from the different indian tribes in North America. Each season has different full moon names as well as each month.  The moons during the winter are from the December solstice to the March equinox.  There is also a blue moon, when two full moon’s occur during one month.  The next winter blue moon is in January 2018.  For my haiku, I also included the November moon since we often have frost and snow in November.

November - beaver moon, frost moon

flurry of activity
reinforcement of dams
beaver moon

December - cold moon, oak moon, long night moon

first snowflakes
glisten in the air
under the oak moon

coldness and dark
settle between us
long night moon

January - wolf moon, ice moon, old moon, moon after yule

ice moon rises
howling wolves 

February - snow moon, storm moon, hunger moon, crow moon, lenten moon

storm moon hangs
in snow covered branches
ice crackles

March - worm moon, chaste moon, death moon, sap moon, crust moon

slushy days
during the worm moon
frozen nights

winter’s thaw
refrozen hearts
the crust moon


  1. The cold and darkness settling between the two---how sad!

    Full Moon Waiting

  2. I like haibun rich in information a lot, and native Indian culture always brings a rich atmosphere. Superbly evocative haiku.

  3. A wonderful haibun Dolores. It's great to see how you are evolving in your haiku skills ... thank you for the background information ...

    1. Thanks so much. Since finding your page in mid October, I have really been working on my skills.

  4. I enjoyed your moon haiku.
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  5. Nicely done Dolores :)

  6. Wonderful.. I still hope for spring.. but here the summer moons are not visible due to the long days.. so to me moon means winter.. lovely traverse through the seasons

    1. Thanks. I think I would miss not seeing the moon for a whole season.

  7. A great haibun and love the moon haiku!