Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Carols

Carpe Diem #620 Christmas Carols

For me Christmas carols are always best sung by children.  Each year I have the annoyance and pleasure of helping with the Christmas play costumes and discipline back stage.  Nothing ever goes as planned, but is probably much better.  And yes, the Joseph in the second Haiku was my son 20 years ago. That sweet little thing next to him could really pack a wallop.

while shepherds gather 
angels sing sweetly off key
one lamb cries for mom

as children sing
Mary and Joseph fight
over baby

disheveled kings march
choir sings “We Three Kings” 
shepherds and sheep roam

forgetting missed cues
parents join in "Silent Night"
all are smiles now


  1. Aw! This is so sweet! LOL!
    Loved it --

  2. So nicely done - a whole new genre!

    1. Thank you! Once I got started all the antics came flooding back.

  3. I like a bit of realism in my haiku now and then :-)

  4. Oh this is so sweet.. kids might not be always singing right.. but maybe it's the best way to stand some of those songs...

  5. Ha...these are wonderful...bring back a lot of memories.

  6. Precious memories brought back in a gorgeous series of haiku Dolores ... awesome ...

  7. Yes! I had so much fun on this stroll down memory lane.