Monday, December 1, 2014


Carpe Diem #616 Accepting the Finite

Alzheimer's is an incurable disease which robs the patient of memories.  I have witnesses many wives devoting all their time to sit with and care for a spouse.  My heart goes out to the patient and their spouse.  How do you grieve a loss when they are still in the room?

in his eyes
searching for recognition
finite memories 


snow and sunshine
mix of tears and laughter
memories fade


grief takes many turns
long winter's end
spiritual release


  1. Alzheimer's is a long, sad goodbye...but it proves the love of a faithful spouse.

  2. We watched my grandfather slowly slip away the same way - and once upon a time he was one of the sharpest, most intelligent, most thoughtful people ever.

    Sad to say, but there was such relief at winter's end. And such a *long* winter at that.
    Well-written, Dolores.

    1. I sit with hospice patients, and am witnessing this with my father-in-laws long decent.

  3. Alzheimer's disease is awfull ... I have seen a lot of them as I worked at a nursing home for the elderly people. Alzheimer however is not only for the older people there are also known very young Alheimer patients. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post with us all Dolores.

    1. thank you for the extra information, I knew this but had forgotten that young people can also be affected.