Monday, December 22, 2014

Advent Candles

Carpe Diem Seven days to Christmas #3 Candles

This is my second piece.  For Christmas, I cannot help think of Advent Candles lit during a time when we prepare our hearts for the coming of the savior who's birth was for his death, his death for our rebirth.

Advent Candles

four colored candles
in a wreath of evergreen
surround Christ candle

prophecy candle lit
root of jesse springs up
God of hope

Bethlehem candle 
lit in preparation
of God’s salvation

Shepherd's candle
rosy and pink
bringing great joy

Angel candle
announcing good news
Savior of love

Christ candle
pure and white 
lamb to wash our sins

wreath of victory
penitence and preparation
for the coming King


  1. An awesome post Dolores. I ran into it as I was preparing our new exclusive e-book for the 'holidays'.

    1. Feel free to use any you want. I've been extremely busy with pet portraits that people have ordered for Christmas and haven't had much time for writing.