Sunday, August 12, 2018

Carpe Diem Summer Retreat - Day 30

morning glory
forging a new path
through the screen porch


  1. I just wanted to take a few minutes here, to say thank you Dolores - for stopping by and taking time to read my series for the retreat (on Fingerprinting my Eyes). I really appreciate the generosity and thoughtfulness of your comment.

    I'm sorry you have issues too, with pain/injuries etc. that stop you from enjoying the pleasures you once had. It can be a right shock when suddenly, things in our world totally shift and change and we are stuck for the numbness of it all - and then try to figure out ways to continue, to adapt etc. To move forwards and ahead nonetheless. And yes, there is nothing quite like digging the earth and letting that energy work its healing magic. And I can appreciate the sentiments for the mourning of the loss, yet the determination to still try, although more and more, I'm "content" (with some incredible grumblings and truckloads of frustration, admittedly) to just let things "be wild" - untamed and unruly. There is a certain inherent beauty in this too. And it's wonderful that you have found a way to still appreciate some of the aspects - through your crafting and in finding your own way with words. You've written a lovely series for this retreat and journey too. So thank you once again, it has been a pleasure.

  2. Morning glories are persistent little things.