Sunday, January 31, 2016

White Dusted Meadow

Carpe Diem Renga Party #2 white dusted meadow (startdate: January 22nd 2016)

This is our second renga party. It will have 44 verses when finished.

Here is the "hokku" of this "yoyoshi":

white dusted meadow
remembering spring’s glory
tufts of pampas grass                             © Georgia (a.k.a. Bastet)

crystals and flakes a jigsaw
blanket covering earth’s green              © Kim M. Russell

Warmth forsaken
puzzle of colors scatters
-Balloons depart                                    © Nimi Arora

At the end of the trail a
cleansing breath of mountain air           © Pat R

full moon shines
through barren tree branches
twisted shadows                                    © Candy                

one cricket, creeping
among the browning grasses                 © Dove Dungeon

by lamplight
in front of the frosted window
ignoring our reading                              © Dove Dungeon

the cricket asks for the dawn
in sweet tones of love for you               © Carol Campbell

the creak of door
still breathless after parting kiss
i meet the morning                                 © Ese Klava

words of new haiku
mingling with my heart                          © Dolores

love create melody
capture natural sound
peace in harmony                                   © Thom Amundsen

nature's stillness sighs
overhead owl's soundless flight              © Gayle Rose

A dreamer’s delight
Fun summer night festivals
Food and free concerts                            © Hank (Kakuala)

At the pier feet in water
Summer moon riding the waves             © Lothar

Descending on prey
Memories of fireworks
Searing heat explodes                             © Christy

our bodies on fire
dousing the winter cold                          © Celestine

spring fever
passion increases
red plum blossoms!                                © Milan

one single tulip shows her face
first encounter with new life                  © Chèvrefeuille

the old mansion
comes alive after the darkness  
old cherry blooms                                  © Chèvrefeuille

carpeting the front lawn
flurry of pink snow                                © Georgia

circadian sky
marking time with solar pulse
azure canopy                                          © Kim Russell

carpeting the front lawn
flurry of pink snow                                © Nimi Arora

the noon day sun peeks
through gray winter clouds
boisterous flutter                                    © Jazzytower

flocks of blackbirds robed like monks
gather offerings of seed                          © Candy

her skirt a-rustle
she flushes
remembering sea-blue eyes                    © Dove Dungeon

the tenderness of the rose
comforts her deep longing                      © Carol Campbell

a hint of sunset
paints her toenails on window sill
-is he coming?                                        © Ese Klava

long shadows fall
mingling with daydreams                       © Dolores

whimsy night caress
sweet breeze serenade sundress
delicious duress                                      © Thom Amundsen

first tide laps the jagged shore
shrike fish the shallow inlet                    © A Gayle Rose

juicy persimmon
crimson orange reflects sunset
dragonfly alights                                     © A Gayle Rose

Dragonfly stops in transit
Just so to rest for the night                     © Hank

early Sunrise
children play on the beach
dragonkite against the sky                      © Chèvrefeuille

Storming the sandcastle
Marauding gulls dip and dive                © N Christy

ah the blooms
spring’s shimmer
everywhere                                            © Celestine

here and there on dry branches
gardenia of snowflakes                         © Milan

above the hillocks
pine needles' and wild plums' smell
taste of cool rice wine                           © Milan

in front of the fireplace
red shadows on the white walls           © Chèvrefeuille

flickering stories
children make shadow ducks
laughter fills the air                             © Georgia

gardeners rake fallen leaves
crackling on the damp bonfire            © Kim M. Russell

tapping feet
the beating drums
bushes sway © Nimi Arora

as the rhythm fills the air
first snowflakes fall from the sky       ©Jazzytower

covering the ground
tender white plum blossoms
early morning                                   © Candy

The first pampas shoot
pierces the snowy blossoms            © Dove Dungeon


  1. Thanks! This helps keeping track. We have to talk so much over on Kristjaan's blog and this makes it too heavy for a quick overview.

  2. Great Dolores ... this keeps the eyes and muses on track ...

  3. Thank you for publishing the whole yoyoshi Dolores.

    1. I would be honored if you would write the new 'hokku' for our new renga party which i love to start at June 21st this new edition will be a summer kasen-renga with 36 stanzas. Please send your 'hokku' to our

  4. We should thank you for your selfless effort of arranging this renga !!!