Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Indian Fort

Carpe Diem #850 Tsengel (volcano)

 heat and sulfa
at the volcano’s rim - 
we argue 

 This volcano named Tsengel Hairhan means "delight holy mountain" in Mongolian. As I looked at pictures of beautiful world around the Altai Mountains I thought of the Pinnacles Of Indian Fort Mountain. These are beautiful mountains in Berea, Kentucky where we hiked as children. This picture was taken just before my brother was diagnosed with leukemia in 1978. It’s not a great shot but it is full of wonderful memories.

forever resting 
my brother’s memory
at the Pinnacle 


 Here is a video I found that will take you on a sweat free trip through some of the beauty to be found at Indian .Fort


high above the trees
resting at the mountains edge
hoarse scream of a hawk


  1. What a nice memories you have ... and as I see how beautiful those photos are, than you must live in a wonderful region of your country. Very nicely written haiku. "high above the trees" is my favorite haiku in this post. Well done.

    1. Yes we have many beautiful mountains within a short driving distance. Glad you enjoyed "high above the trees." Thanks for you kind words.

  2. Beautiful photos. The last haiku provides a wild, yet peaceful feeling.

    1. Thanks, wild and peaceful is a good way to sum up a day high in the mountains.

  3. This is so moving ... hugs dear Dolores. Bastet