Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Carpe Diem Time Glass  #16 Rainbow

across the river
a rainbow
bridges the divide

moonlit October
churning of falls
alluring moonbow 

in the parking lot
psychedelic rainbow
trapped in oil

(In our area we have one of the only places you can see a moonbow.  Cumberland Falls is one of only two places where there is a consistent reoccurrence of a lunar rainbow.  The only other one is Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.  I've not seen one yet but would like to someday.  


  1. That would be an amazingly beautiful sight to see. Beautiful haiku by the way.. it's always lovely.

  2. That would be an awesome sight .... to see a lunar rainbow above these Waterfalls ... I have linked you to the Time Glass episode.

  3. lovely series ... I enjoyed your visions of rainbows!

  4. Oh, how beautiful!
    Plus I'd love to see that moonbow someday! wow.....

  5. I've never heard of a moonbow before - how gorgeous! And I like how you contrast the serenity of that image with the 'churning' falls.