Thursday, December 18, 2014


Carpe Diem #629 Woodpecker
I really enjoy the woodpeckers in my yard. These images are some of those visitors.

red-bellied woodpecker 
waits on the rail
peanut butter treat

shrill churr
resounding in the woods
red-bellied woodpecker

pileated woodpecker
head bobbing up and down
feasting on insects

downy woodpecker
flittering antics
at the suet feeder


  1. Lovely and I liked these photos that accompanied your haiku so well ... I'm afraid that I couldn't open your blog post at CDHK's link ... I found you via Google. Hope you're have a great week ... Ciao, Georgia (Bastet)

    1. Thanks. Thanks also for letting me no of the link problem, I went to CD and fixed it.