Wednesday, December 31, 2014

kikôbun- White Elephant

Carpe Diem GW # 40 Hamish Managua Gunn 
•It is structured somewhat like a haibun, a passage of prose with at least one short poem (haiku or tanka)
•It features landscape and nature, and interaction between writer and the landscape
•The key specification is that a kikôbun involves movement of the writer, in that it is a short travel diary
•The haiku should not repeat what is in the prose, and should not attempt to ′globalize’ the prose like a conclusion
So the task is to write a kikôbun, similar to haibun, but the writer is traveling, and recording.

So the task is to write a kikôbun, about a journey, or part of a journey or wander. The idea of it being about wandering and observing is very relevant.

Decided this was a perfect prompt for our short travel today. This was my day written in brief intervals. (not quite sure if it is a kikôbun or just a rant, but hope it makes you laugh.)

White Elephant

I rise this morning in anticipation of our trip.  The sun is streaming in my window and it promises to be a glorious day.  My youngest will want to travel with her brother and his wife, so our starting trip will just be my husband and me.  I am wondering what book or sewing project to bring to occupy my thoughts since my husband is not a conversationalist.

gifts and suitcases
stowed for traveling
cold winter morning

As we leave on our trip you can see an almost three quarter moon hanging  in the bright blue afternoon sky.  I am finding I am impatient, as we should have left sooner for all the stops we need to make on the way.

winter moon
beckons me
to tarry longer

I am told to go to a particular area and they will send someone to help.  They never do.  I wait in line again and get a lecture about exchanges for a    mistake the store made.  Now I know I am impatient and so annoyed with the sales girl, whom I normally would not be.  But the store’s mistake is making me late. The moon is still overhead and I see two Peregrine falcons as we travel on our way. 

day time moon
and Peregrine falcons
sky full of surprises

We stop to visit the grandchildren, who I have not seen over the holidays.  Both are sick and excitable.  It has been a year since they have seen my son.  He arrives 15 minutes after us and spends ten minutes more wrapping gifts in his car. The older one is excited and the younger runs and hides.  Now I know I’m just being cranky.  We only stay a short while, but are now going to be two hours late for my sister’s party. Don't get me wrong, I love my babies, but all I want to do is disinfect  everyone. Not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but maybe I should go back and vacuum.

hugs and kisses
hands coated with candy-cane
sweet angelic smiles

We stop to grab a quick bite to eat.  The moon is still overhead but now the sky is jet black.  Maybe, I’m becoming a real bitch, but when you order a plain hamburger, it should be plain not slathered in cheese.  Due to one child’s food allergies it must go back.  I say “I’m sorry, but we asked for a plain hamburger, just meat and bread.”  I’m told when you order a plain burger it doesn’t automatically take the cheese off.  What the ....  Thank you for making us another 20 minutes behind schedule.

winter moon hangs
in a jet black sky
wishing I could rise above

We arrive at our destination.  I am the only one ruffled.  We have a great time, but it really gets old when the skakely, the lime Dotson and four pounds of starbursts get re-stolen more than 15 times each.Over 30 people have come for the annual white elephant exchange. We almost go home with an antique rocking chair.   My stress level goes way down as all the guests leave and only family remains.  My daughter stakes out a claim in the basement killing orks with her male cousins.  I am grateful, because the shared twin bed has become a bit too cozy and I can move to the small love seat. I can hear loud snores from my parents room, and laugh knowing my mother will blame my father for keeping her awake when we all no the truth. Doubly blessed. I can plug in my laptop and get an internet connection.  I wonder if I am the white elephant in the room.

into the streets
laughter and talking spill
holiday celebrations

Wishing you all a happy New Year filled with love and inspiration!


  1. Wonderful.. I love how your have contrasted the spiritual haiku with the much less so text.. the irritation over the delays coming to a conclusion when your finally have an internet connection... yes the world has changed.

  2. Journeys are full
    days packed with unnatural noise

    glad you arrived safe and that you could enjoy some moments with family. New Year's blessings

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  4. Wow Dolores what a wonderful kikobun you have shared here. Really awesome.

    1. Thanks! Wasn't so sure about this one.

    2. I saw that I had a double comment here, so I have deleted one of them. Hope you don't mind.

  5. Just wonderful, Dolores :) I have to echo Bjorn's praise of the contrast between spiritual haiku / non-spiritual prose.
    I love how you realize you're being cranky -- but can't help it -- and the irritants seem to snowball from that point on. Ah, I've been there -- so many times!!! And these days - don't we all feel out of place and a bit lost without that Internet connection!?!
    A great piece.

  6. Yes, I enjoyed that too, the text about the crankinessm with those sofy haiku layered in-between. This was a real Kokobun, real literary travel notes. Hope you are getting readers on Medium - deserved,

  7. What a lovely journey I was able to follow along, love the transparency and details of stresses that mount when travelling...your haiku are lovely and so thought provoking. Could not help but smile when you got the internet connection as this is now our life line of sort, non?

    1. and the journey wasn't all too bad. We had a great time.

  8. wonderfully well rounded kikobun (or is it kokobun?) loved the way the sentiments mixed with the reality and the haiku were really beautiful.