Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Haiku Noir

Carpe Diem Ghost Writer #34 Haiku Noir
Ghost writer Jen from Blog It or Lose It

This prompt inspired a rash of unrelated poems:

steady rain
city full of dark streets
shadows lurk

alone in my room
broken laughter from the street
thick smoke and whiskey

traveling alone
desolate country road
your ghost follows

sweltry night
darkness tinged with fear
street lamp beckons

amidst the gaiety
behind the Mardi Gras masks
shadows stalk

banks of river
gauzy haze, murky water
two hookers smoke


  1. Unrelated poems but the dark balance of questions surrounding them make them of similar mysteries. Great set of haiku Dolores!


  2. Brilliant! Just wonderful! This is exactly where I'd hoped the prompt would lead - slices of darkness that set a mood, not necessarily recreate a movie. They're magnificent. I'm especially fond of the laughter from the streets. And -- in naming the faces behind the masks "shadows" you've really made it mysterious and ominous. Very nice.

    1. Thanks! So glad you enjoyed. You gave us an excellent prompt. Had a lot more ideas but thought I should stop. :0)

  3. Indeed some marvelous scenery here.. I like that you put the scenery to New Orleans .. well done.

    1. Thanks. New Orleans was not the original intent, but it seemed like a great city to write about.

  4. A really wonderful series of dark/noir haiku Dolores, you were on a roll with this Ghost Writer post ...

  5. A lovely series ... and I can't imagine why I didn't see it sooner ... Great job done here.