Thursday, December 4, 2014

Full Circle

Carpe Diem Full Circle # 2 Puddles  This was given in August, but is new for me

Twelve (12) words (for every ''hour'') one word. The goal is to write haiku using the words as given in the clock wise way. Here are the 12 (twelve) words for this episode:
1. sunflower
2. rain storm
3. puddles
4. sea shore
5. shells
6. making love
7. garden
8. waterfall
9. stones
10. sunrise
11. peony
12. shadow

ripened sunflower
head bent from rainstorm
puddles of seeds


moonlit seashore
shells whisperer secrets
memories making love


overgrown garden
waterfall spurts from gutter
mossy stones twinkle


in the sunrise
prize peony blossom
shadows your face

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