Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sylph: Spirit of the Wind

Carpe Diem #611, Sylph, Spirit of the Wind

the willow weeps now
branches singing sad sweet songs
strange emotions stir


wind whispered secrets
shadows and lights dancing
gathering of clouds


across the moors
the wind moans
strange secrets


hidden mysteries 
in mountain peaks
revealed in snow


  1. Very nice --- I especially enjoy the thought of the mountains' mysteries being *revealed* in the snow. :)

  2. lovely series bringing the spirit to life in each...the wind this joy, pleasure or pain? many possibilities; I like poetry that makes me think:)

  3. The wind in the moors must be one of the loneliest sounds in the world.

    Spirit of the Wind

  4. The willow weeps... Such sadness.. this is very beautiful..

  5. I like this series on the wind very much ... I won't pick a favorite as I love them all .. and, have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow :-) Bastet (Georgia)

    1. Glad you enjoyed. Wind is always fun to write about. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving as well!