Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Richard Wright on Autumn

a few Richard Wright haiku I found

I feel autumn rain
Trying to explain something
I do not want to know.

A leaf chases wind
Across an autumn river
And shakes a pine tree.

Droning autumn rain:
A boy lines up toy soldiers
For a big battle.

My attempts at this prompt : Lots of cold wet poems:

hazy autumn moon
caught in the oak tree branches
with curls of white smoke


November rain falls
leaves swirling in the gutter
puddles in the road


cold November rain
changes to icy drizzle
soaks though my worn boots


mid autumn evening
moonlight and raindrops glisten
light pools on pavement


dreary November
rain strikes colored umbrellas
which dot the sidewalk


bitter north wind blows
last of the dry autumn leaves
in mound at my feet


  1. What a great response -- I'm especially fond of the third -- and the last -- and the one before that ----


  2. All very nice but the first leaves me dreaming of a fire. I also like the light pools on pavement.

  3. What a forage into autumn - it actually reads together to an autumn poem...

    1. Thank you! I wrote a few more that were more whimsical in my next post.

  4. Really a beautiful, intricate Autumn set - with visual detail.

  5. Thanks... I've been on a roll the past 30 days and have written over 150 poems, not including daily haibun.

  6. The haiku about light pooling on the pavement is my favorite.

    Inspired by Richard Wright