Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ligo Haibun Challenge "Guitar & Mountain"

It’s November again, another anniversary passing. 

unannounced flowers
left on the table
for me

Peace, Love, and Kill Western

I think back to the mountain valley where we meet.   Rival supporters for college football.  One dance with you sealed my fate.   You played your guitar and slid across the floor on your knees.  I tried to fix you up with my best friend who went to the same school as you.  She wasn’t interested in the least.  I was head over heels about you, but had a boyfriend.  

We dated for awhile.  I was too immature for a serious relationship, yet our friendship lingered.   Through all my broken relationships there was always you, your guitar and rock concerts.

mountains and valleys
strangers, music and guitars
and always you

Your proposal was bitter sweet. You came early in the evening and played with the boys.  You returned later with your guitar.  I was wrapped in blankets to keep warm and you kept singing love songs.  Finally feigning a headache, I went to the car in search of Tylenol.  I sat there and a mountain of tears flowed. We’d been dating about five years and had talk about marriage. School was beginning and with our teaching schedules, I knew we would not mention it again until summer.  I dried my tears and returned inside.  You were packing your guitar.  How my heart broke.  Standing in the door way you said, “How would you like to attend a wedding?” My answer a flippant “Well that depends on who’s wedding.”  I honestly did not know this was a proposal.

Since then we’ve climbed many of life's mountains together. And sometimes you still pick up your guitar and sing me love songs.

warm autumn
the mountain's song
still plays


  1. So beautifully sweet -- and I had to laugh at the proposal --
    And your haiku are beautiful -- simple and elegant - absolutely perfect.
    Love this ---

    ps -- love the fringe too ;)

    1. The picture was taken before I knew him. It is one of my favorite though. No fringe or long hair when we met.

  2. Oh my this is so romantic!! I love the way he proposed to narrated a beautiful love story that still IS:)

    1. Thanks! We are still living a life of quiet love, not the great romance of books - but romantic in every way -- still holding hands.

  3. What a beautiful love story .. I enjoyed every twist and gentle turn ... lucky girl! :)

    1. Thank you! 21 years and the romance still growing.

  4. Delores, what a great love story you have shared and so beautifully written.