Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Carpe Diem: Ghost Writter 34  
Chèvrefeuille" definition of Kanshicho

Kan -> means: perception, expression

Shi -> means extravagance, pride, poetry

Cho -> means frivolity, number, butterfly

Kanshi -> means Chinese poetry

As I place those meanings together than Kanshicho means:

A poem in the Chinese way that expresses the extravagance and pride of the poet with the frivolity of the flight of a butterfly. And than Kanshicho starts to come to life. It's an expression of something which is seen by the poet, a moment as short as the sound of a pebble thrown in to water, in which he/she sees the extravagant beauty  and pride of nature. That extravagance beauty is caught in a three lined verse with the frivolity, (in my opinion frivolity means "not strings attached, free") of the flight of a butterfly.

My attempts:

early morning
high above the trees 
crescent moon shines

I got stuck on the word pride and these thoughts came: 

new baby
everyone oohs and aahs
ours - most beautiful

swelling with pride


  1. I like the pride of a new arrival - it is cause for much celebration!!!!

  2. Fantastic how you've done your page linking to Medium!
    Each haiku so different there, enjoyed each. Thank you.

    1. Thanks -- didn't think any one read the medium pages. Tomorrow will be day 20 for view from my window. It is a real challenge to look and have a fresh view every day.

  3. I especially enjoyed the third haiku, a perfect combination of the elements of poet (haiku), frivolity (twitter) and pride. Nicely done ;)

  4. I loved how you brought out the feelings in each haiku ... beautifully done :-)