Saturday, November 8, 2014

Boneset - Scared Flower of Autumn

Carpe Diem # 600 Boneset

Our prompt is another of the seven sacred flowers of autumn - Boneset or  Fujbakama,  The Latin name is Eupatorium Japonicum. I found an American flowering herb called Boneset with the latin name Eupatorium Japonicum. Native Americans used Boneset as a medicinal herb.    Boneset or Thoroughwort is common in low meadows and damp ground in North Florida.  This slightly aromatic herb stands about 2-4 feet high.

indian maiden
harvesting Ague-weed
wind kissed hair


  1. I like how you explored the Native Peoples history - I hadn't spotted about North Florida. I was actually born further south in Florida. Though I didn't grow up there nor do I live there now.

    It is fun to look up the history of the plants. I focused on the odd name.
    Which has nothing to do with setting bones. :)

    In all of the herbs, there is always the caveat of incorrect usage.

    1. I have fun as well looking up the history of plants and herbs. I also love history about different peoples.

  2. What a history.. it reads like a fairy tale.

  3. May she have an abundant harvest!

  4. Interesting info on this plant ... and a lovely haiku too!