Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"A Dream Within a Dream"

Carpe Diem Ghost Writer #32, A Dream Within a Dream
This prompt was from Jen of Blog It or Lose It

I was inspired to write a haiku, a tanka, and a haibun

sound of my sobs
muffled in the crashing waves
my heart erased


sands of time held still
one last kiss upon your brow
I pause, hold my breath

afraid to open my eyes
your footsteps washing away


Haibun for Karen

When a family friend passed away at age 51, it brought tears to my eyes and heart.  She was an athlete, took good care of her body, ate healthy, lived a clean life.  They received her diagnosis on a family vacation to the ocean.  As she walked with her younger sister they found a broken sand dollar.  Her sister remarked how it was a shame it could not be whole.  Here in my friend remarked about how she liked the broken pieces best.  That they were like all of us incomplete; you never knew when two pieces would fit together to make something beautiful.  Her brothers combed the beach that night and collected buckets of broken sand dollars.  These were passed out at her celebration of life along with the story much better told and her words more elegantly written.  My fragment has long since been ground up in my purse and the paper lost in an avalanche of things to keep,  but reading Poe’s “A Dream with in a Dream” brought this to mind.  Life is a messy journey and even broken things hold much beauty.
sand dollar fragments
wash in on moonlit shore
fragile life, wanes


  1. Was so moved by your haibun --- yes -- the broken things, the mottled things -- more beautiful and precious than the things who are smooth and unbroken. But sometimes it takes being broken ourselves to appreciate that fully. Thank you for sharing this with everyone ----

    1. Thank you. I've learned this too over the years. Makes me try to find the excitement in the mundane and the beauty in the cracks.

  2. Sometimes we just have to let the dreams drift away :-)

  3. Absolutely lovely. Beauty is in the broken. Very emotive resonating with love and sadness.

  4. your haibun brought tears to my eyes ... such a beautiful story. Your haiku are lovely ... thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Sorry about the tears... glad you liked the haiku.

  5. Just so tragic. Hard to comment on this one.

    1. Hope it won't turn people off to my writing. Not every thing is tragic.

  6. This was so sad.. but the truth about the beauty in the broken things really moves me.

  7. Poignant tribute in your Haibun! Very nice!

  8. Replies
    1. a beautiful mess . I really liked your Raven's Beak haiku.