Saturday, October 18, 2014

CD special prompt - Oak deep in Woods

Carpe Diem's Special prompt  Shiba Sonome's Haiku
Somone's haiku.
yo ni hito no shiranu hana ari miyama shii

some blossoms there are
that nobody sees—
an oak deep in the woods

My Attempts:
the rose thorn unseen
masked by perfect beauty
festers under skin

child reaches out
unprepared to be stung
bee within petals

pruning your rose bush
thorns and beauty together
how you grieve my heart


  1. Welcome at Carpe Diem Dolores. What a nice post you share here with us. I love that third haiku the most, but all three are gorgeous. I am glad to see you here and I hope you will be here again. By the way ... I am your host here.

  2. ah .. so many hidden things .. nicely done trio!